Q&A (Become B2B seller)


Question: How to become a B2B seller?

Answer:  Register as user and select 'yes' on become a seller column. 

Question: Do i need to submit any documents to be B2B seller?

Answer: No. All transactions are done offline and strictly between seller and buyer. Seafood Malaysia hold no responsibility what so ever if any unwanted case happened.

Question : What products are allowed to post at Seafood Malaysia B2B Marketplace?

Answer : Products allowed for Seafood Malaysia B2B Marketplace are;

  • Fresh, Frozen and live seafood
  • Dried food
  • Pet Fish food
  • Equipment for fish-keeping (eg. pumps, aquarium, uv light etc) 
  • Fishing equipment
  • Fishing trip/ tour
  • All kinds of aquaculture products
  • All kinds of hydroponic products 

Question : Can I register as B2C seller?

Answer: B2C seller account is allowed but by invitation only.

Question: Can B2B seller use Seafood Malaysia payment gateway facility for payment collection?

Answer: No. B2B seller is not allow to use our payment gateway facility.

Question: How the 2% profit sharing works?

Answer: By register as B2B seller, seller is deemed agreed that Seafood Malaysia is entitled to collect 2% of total amount in purchase order upon successful transaction. Half of this amount to be share with buyer as store credit. An invoice will be issue to the seller.

Question: How would Seafood Malaysia know when the transactions are successful?

Answer: Seafood Malaysia would charge seller when buyer redeem their rewards. 

Question: What if buyer never redeem their rewards?

Answer: The fact is we have no knowledge on the terms and conditions agreed between buyer and seller since all transactions are done offline. We depend on seller's goodwill to inform us the successful transactions.