Freshness Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee our seafood are fresh upon arrival. To maintain freshness, kindly keep your items into the freezer once you received it. In a rare situation where there are mishandling that affected our seafood’s freshness, we’ll refund your money with this simple steps:-

Step 1

Contact Seafood Malaysia within 1 day upon received your seafood by filling up our return form. Click here.

Step 2

Ensure the seafood remain in original frozen condition (compulsory). Cooked seafood is not eligible for return. If your order is more than one items, return only the unfresh seafood.

Step 3

Please help us to improve by providing photos or videos of the seafood that clearly shown the unfreshness when contacted by our staff. We'll arrange to collect the seafood and return to respective seller.

How to tell fish is fresh

- Fresh fish should have a mild scent and moist flesh

- Have bright, bulging and clear eyes after defrosted 

- Gills should not be brown or yellowish

- No strong fishy odor.

How to tell scallop is fresh

- Scallop's color should be in pearly white with an almost opalescent pinkish tinge. 

- Should not in creamy yellowish color and strong odor

How to tell prawn/shrimp is fresh

- the shell should have a firm and glossy appearance when defrosted

- No black spots on the shell and yellowing near the tail

- No missing or shrunken eyes.

- No strong fishy odor