Differences Between Fresh and Frozen Fish in Malaysia

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Fresh fish is fresher than frozen fish, right? No, it's not always correct.

Although fresh fish physically looks more appealing than frozen fish, the truth is that both fresh chilled and freshly frozen fish can equally good, as long as you store and prepare them properly. The freshness of the fish, along with how it was frozen and how quickly it was frozen, can impact its taste and texture. Fresh fish may better if you cook on the same day after you purchase it. If you are not, then frozen fish is a better choice. Properly frozen fish can maintain its freshness up to months. However a few point you need to take note. Refreeze seafood once it thaws (melted) or if it thaws during transporting will degrade its freshness. 



Now, something you may not know. Seabed along Malacca Strait sea especially Port Klang and Pulau Ketam are one of the busiest shipping route in the world, resulting less productive catch or worst contaminanted seafood. Malaysia's more established fishing boat travels far away for fishing and their typical operation takes up to a week. Lots of fish are now frozen on the boat, just minutes after being caught, with flash-freezing units that maintain a temperature far below the typical home freezer. Many "fresh" fish are in fact previously frozen. When you store your "fresh" fish in your freezer, you are actually refreezing it. 


Best ways to maximize freshness of fresh fish;

  1. Buy live fish. You may ask the seller to clean and remove that unwanted stuff from fish.
  2. Ensure you drive home right away once you get the fish. Driving time should not more than 30 minutes or store your fish in a thermally insulated box.
  3. Consume it immediately and do not store it in a freezer.
  4. Freshly frozen fish would be the better choice if you can't do the above.