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Siakap Laut 海石甲 GW±800g

Siakap Laut 海石甲 GW±800g


Fish is harvest upon received order.

Scales & guts are removed before packing.

Freshness Guarantee

  1. Fish is harvest upon received order. 
  2. Scales & guts are removed before packing. 
  3. Strictly no harmful chemical in our process.
  4. We use specialized equipment to keep our products fresh during delivery. 
  5. To maintain freshness of your order, kindly keep it into freezer once you received it

The product

Siakap Laut 海石甲 GW±800g . This is a seawater siakap.

Product sizing (by length)

We pack 1 pc of Seabass (ikan siakap) into one box. Fish size is 30 cm ± 3cm (measured from head to tail). Fish at this length is best fit into most household's cooking ware. Gross weight per fish is 800g ± 100g

No freezer in the place where you receiving your seafood?

Just buy our thermal insulated box. This box would keep your order fresh at room temperature for up to 12 hours upon receiving it. When we received an order of a thermal insulated box, we'll pack all your seafood with the same order number into it. Click here to buy our thermal insulated box

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Freshness Guaranteed

Our fish products are ready to cook

Scales and guts are removed before delivery. Just wash it and is ready to cook.

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