Redemption of store credit in B2B purchases

Coming Soon

Request a quotation thru Seafood Malaysia Marketplace and get free store credits upon completed a transaction. Store credits can be use to purchase our consumer products at

Amount of store credit redeem is half of the amount of profit sharing between supplier & Seafood Malaysia Marketplace.

Terms & Conditions
  1. The quotation must be request thru Seafood Malaysia B2B Marketplace to eligible for store credit redemption.
  2. There after, all commercial negotiations, order or payment are strictly between user and supplier. Seafood Malaysia Marketplace hold no responsibility what so ever if any problem arises. 
  3. Seafood Malaysia Marketplace did not involve in any commercial negotiation. Therefore, it is user/buyer responsibility to ensure supplier abide profit sharing term with Seafood Malaysia Marketplace in their quotation to eligible for the store credit redemption. 
  4. Store credit will be credited to user account only when Seafood Malaysia Marketplace received the profit sharing payment from supplier.
  5. Decision from Seafood Malaysia Marketplace on eligibility of store credit redemption is final if any dispute arises.